Case Study Of Tjs Barbershop: Marketing

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TJs Barbershop: Marketing Marketing is a vital aspect of a successful company. TJs Barber Shop isn’t oriented to make a lot of profit so marketing dollars will need to be well spent. Every dollar spent in marketing should be viewed as an investment in your company. As you would an investment, you must assess your marketing strategy to ensure you are receiving the expected returns from your investments. If you pay $100 per month for an ad in the newspaper and your target market doesn’t read the newspaper then you’re not only wasting $100 per month on that strategy but you could also be putting that money to better use elsewhere. TJs Barber Shop will have a very limited marketing budget so it must ensure its strategies are in the most effective…show more content…
The town has a population of 6,731 (US Census Bureau, 2015). The owner grew up in this town and has connections with most of the population. He understand where to place advertisements in the city and how to get the businesses name out in the community where it needs to be. Supporting local charities will be a large source of marketing. Things like sponsoring a local little league team or sponsoring a team to run for breast cancer awareness or being a booster for the high school basketball team. All these things will plaster the name of his business all over the town and shed positive light on the business while overall having a very minimal impact on the marketing budget. TJs Barbershop will also be looking for businesses within the community that provide different services than haircuts but target the same demographic that it can cross promote with. Cross promoting is where customers of one product or service are targeted with promotion of another product. Since TJs Barbershops target demographic is males from the ages 13 to 80 we can look for automotive shops, sporting goods stores or gyms. We would offer these stores a chance to offer their clients services at TJs Barber Shop for a discounted price. That way they are offering their clients a special coupon and TJs Barbershop is getting the free

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