Taking a Look at Peanut Butter

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STRENGTHS Well-known product. The ------offers a brand name known internationally. Besides the company has been well known for their quality, freshness, and taste of its products. Pricing. Our product is priced lower than our competitors in our industry. Even though our competitors have a different kind of product compared to us. Nutrition. Peanut butter is well known because it contains many vitamins, proteins, and fiber. Nowadays, it is very important for everyone to start a day with a meal that it is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and provide energy throughout the day. Besides obesity and malnutrition is a worldwide problem. WEAKNESSES Lack of brand awareness. Our company has a strong image in other countries. But as we introduce our product into our new market where we may not have competitors with similar products, we may have competition with a variety of related products. We will address this issue with heavy and aggressive promotion emphasizing in our products’ nutrition facts. High price in imports. Because our main ingredient is imported from the U.S., the exportation and freight costs are higher than those compared to a local company. OPPORTUNITIES Increasing demand for peanut butter and our product lines. For example, last year there was an increase in the demand of peanuts from China. Cost efficient. By forming a partnership with farmers from China, our costs for freight taxes will be lower exponentially. Besides by helping local farmers our brand will gain recognition that do not only care for gaining a profit, but it also helps the local economy. Besides it will also help them to improve the quality of peanuts and its problem with pest. Increased competition. The difference in dietary in the country and the lack o... ... middle of paper ... ...ude a combination of peanut butter and alternatives for the ones allergic. Our logo PRICING STRATEGY The product will have an introductory price of $xx wholesale/ $4 retail price (24 RMB). For the second year we expect to lower the price by acquiring local suppliers and expanding our product line. We hope to reflect the impact of the strategy by acquiring market share from other companies with other alternatives. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY We will sell our products throughout well-known hyper markets and online retailers. Since hyper markets are expanding rapidly we are confident that our product will reach out many potential returning customers. During the first year, we will provide samples and brochures informing customers of the nutritional facts of our products. We will also demonstrate the importance of getting enough vitamins and minerals to have a healthy life.

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