Essay about The Reform Agend Closing The Gap

Essay about The Reform Agend Closing The Gap

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The reform agenda “Closing the Gap” emphasizes the critical perspectives to ensuring the improved outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Islander children, families and communities (Healthinfonet, 2015). Based on that, the Council of Australian Governments indicates Indigenous disadvantages across six main areas that include child mortality, life expectency, literacy and numeracy, economic partcipation, access to early childhood education and education attainment (Healthinfonet, 2015). In addition, the qualitative studies of different researchers reveal the necessity of responsive and inclusive working style when dealing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They outline some key factors, which include understanding, valuing and respecting all Indigenous knowledge, proper development of meaningful relationships with people as well as respectful listening and development of trust (Bennett, Green, Gilbert & Bessarab, 2013). Moreover, for social workers, it is extremely important to consider the historical implications as well as continuing disadvantages, to acknowledge the resilience, strengths and even survival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their cultures (Bennett, Green, Gilbert & Bessarab, 2013). Understanding the history of these people along with other socio-cultural factors gives professionals the ability to construct effective, respectful and useful practice, based on their knowledge. The ways of knowing, being and doing are critical to social work practice with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. To be able to generate productive outcomes, social workers have to build and acquire appropriate interactions, behaviors, networks and intervention, mainly through reflecting, hypothesiz...

... middle of paper ... Ministers’ Advisory Council. Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Working Party
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