Reflective Observation : Reflection Of The New Experience Essay

Reflective Observation : Reflection Of The New Experience Essay

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TWO – REFLECTIVE OBSERVATION: is a reflection of the new experience we have completed. It is essential to take into account any possible inconsistencies between our experience and our understanding. After completing an activity it is important to take time out and reflect on our decisions and the impact that they have had. We can reflect on this new experience multiple times. It is most common that reflection occurs almost immediately after our experience. We like to know if we feel we made the right decision or if there is anything that we could have or should have done differently. During the reflection stage, we must take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It is common that we will question our decisions, however, it is important that we share these feelings with others. Upon reflection of the recent election, we can begin to look at whether or not we think we made the right decision: are we happy with who we voted for or do you think that there was a different path that you should have taken. It is common that additional information is released about candidates once the election has taken place. From this, we may be unhappy with our decisions and start to wonder what would be different if we had voted for someone else. Once I had placed my vote in the election and the outcomes were announced I began to think about whether the candidate or party that I had wanted to get into parliament had or if they hadn 't. From this, I began to think about whether or not this had been the correct decision for me and even spoke to a few other individuals about their thoughts on the election and whether they believed the outcome was successful or not.

THREE – ABSTRACT CONCEPTUALISATION: it is common that through reflection new ideas ...

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...d see how this relates or is different from you. Information once it has been learnt can be adapted to fit into the current situation that we may be facing, helping us to resolve problems and questions more efficiently and effectively.

In conclusion, it can be seen that Kolb’s learning stages can be applied to almost all of our experiences or tasks, and can be used to further understand happenings. Kolb’s theory can be applied to almost every situation and can help us in creating a greater understanding of what we are learning and why we are learning it: how it can be applied in the future and when it can be applied. It is important that we continue to reflect on our decisions and make sure that there are reasons why we have chosen the path or decision that we have. Our decisions to have implications and its important that we are aware of this before we make them.

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