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I am a 2016 graduate of Byron Nelson High School. Life here at Collin is a great experience. I am here because I play at a Baseball Academy in McKinney. I plan on majoring in Kinesiology and receiving my degree from either the University of Oklahoma or Texas Christian University, wherever my baseball career takes me. While in college, I have learned that there are difficult transitions you have to be willing to make in order to maximize your college success. Pace of class was one of the most difficult transitions I had to adapt to in my first semester of college. In high school you normally discussed one type of topic a day, however, that is not the case in college. Multiple topics are throw in the course of one class period. Strategy that…show more content…
CORE, Kahoot, and DAPPS are all good sources to maximize our study habits which ultimately improve our knowledge of material studied. CORE, the act of Collecting, Organizing, Rehearsing, and Evaluating the material is one of the most effective learning strategies there is. Studies show if you actively utilize all of those elements you are more likely to process the information at hand. Kahoot is another huge study resource that I have began using since entering college. Kahoot is basically a pre test, you are able to create your own test /study guide which ideally provides a mini test which you can use to evaluate yourself to see if you are ready for your upcoming exam. Last but not least, setting goals is another key ingredient to success in college. Humans are motivated by goals and commitments. Therefore, set goals and constantly strive to reach and surpass them. There is no better feeling than reaching your…show more content…
These 3 topics all need a responsible and ambitious student. During the course of the class each student will have multiple journal entries and this is where the student is granted the freedom to express themselves freely however they wish. Secondly, as I briefly discussed earlier something I strongly advise is to begin setting goals for the classroom. Walking into college motivation was something I struggled in which I could tell because of the downfall of my grades in class. Therefore I began to look at the bigger picture, the picture of me walking across the stage with a Bachelor’s Degree in my hand 4 years following. Once I was able to grasp how important school and grades were I began working harder to reach my goals. Setting goals played a huge factor in my first semester of
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