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I am writing this essay in-order to reflect upon the experiences, that I have experienced during the 7 months that I have been studying the Work based live case study module (2509) and how these experiences have impacted upon my approach towards my communication, team working, problem solving skills and other factors which were endemic within the module.
After completing the first year module New enterprise journey, which is the module prior to Work based live case study. I expected the work based live case study to be similar. However I found out this as correct in a sense, however the Work based live case study module took the theoretical aspects from the first year and focused upon their application. I felt this was very useful, firstly because it was invaluable experience, which I would not have gained from a case study/text book as the example/situation was a real life simulation. Secondly the live case study experience will have an impact on my life as it will aide my search for a job in the future, this will be because it will look good on my Curriculum Vitae in terms of transferable skills.
Meeting a real life entrepreneur in Tricia pedlar of Strategic spur and learning how her business ran on a day to day basis was hugely enlightening. This was important to me as it gave me and my team a chance to experience what it was like to be a consultant, I felt this was the highlight of the work based live case study module and the most memorable experience. ...

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To conclude looking at the pros and cons i would say that i have not enjoyed this module mainly because that there was low attendance which meant that the tutorials were not as interactive as they were originally intended to be and could have been however I felt that there was support at hand from tutors which i could have used to get more out of this experience.
Although I have not enjoyed the module I feel I am a better student and person as a result of the experience so I would recommend this module to other future level 2 students because of its practical nature and the way it makes you think outside the box.

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