Reflection on Philosophies of Man on Life and Death Essays

Reflection on Philosophies of Man on Life and Death Essays

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Throughout the history of man, various philosophies have lived on, died, and have been passed on through the proceeding generations that eventually lead up to the free thinkers of today's world. Such philosophies can include anything from existentialism to absolute absurdism. Throughout the analysis, there are several points to go over. Such points include how we got here, whether or not we are completely free in life, who or what shapes us, and (the most controversial of all) what happens to us when we die. Aside from those ideas that will be shortly expressed, there are a plethora of philosophers to be discussed, but only three major thinkers to analyze in terms of thought and belief. In this very analysis, I will present answers to the questions above that reflect upon what I believe in, and how that affects the analysis of other thinkers. Such beliefs include the concept of how we got here to begin with.
To commence, there are several different concepts that I hold true to be beliefs. Such beliefs lie as to how we as people got here in the first place. The question that is often proposed relates to how we got here, and I often say it dates back to the story of Adam and Eve. In the book of Genesis within the Bible (more accurately, the Torah), God created the heavens and the earth within seven days. On the first day, the universe was created, and the earth was without form, and void. On the second day, God gave light to the world. On the third day, God divided the heavens and the earth. On the third day, God allowed for the land of Earth to appear, thus making it visible. On the fourth day, the primary action that God had taken was separating night and day as a means of preparation for an inhabitable world. On the fifth ...

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