Reflection Paper On Death And Dying

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I was very excited to take Death and Dying as a college level course. Firstly, because I have always had a huge interest in death, but it coincides with a fear surrounding it. I love the opportunity to write this paper because I can delve into my own experiences and beliefs around death and dying and perhaps really establish a clear personal perspective and how I can relate to others in a professional setting. When I think back to my childhood I don’t have compelling memories of death. I remember a classmate’s parents passed away and the whole school attended the funeral. I am from Ireland this was an obligatory act to show consolidation with the family. All schools and state are intertwined and religion is a forced act, I suppose. I wasn’t…show more content…
As a child we lost things as a family like our house. I had to grow up quickly with some of the hardships that arose and I think I lost trust in the adults around me. I then as an adult have lost boyfriends and jobs. If I were to dig deeper into my psyche I would say my reactions were always the same. I experienced emotional pain, more distrust, and a harder exterior. Things seem unfair like everything was out of my control. But when I examine my situations a little differently now that I have gain more life experience, I think it was my outlook. Or how those thought were shaped as a child. Also in my adult years I lost two friends to death. One was an ex boyfriend who had immigrated to Canada after I immigrated to New York. Even thought we were no longer romantically involved we still stayed in touch as friends. He was announced as missing in the news reports and three weeks later he was found and the cause of death was determined a suicide. This was upsetting. I felt sadness and a loss. More importantly I felt I was entitled to my loss as it was a personal relationship I had to him, unlike my grandmother’s which removed me from the situation

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