Reduction Of Deforestation : The Conservation Of The Natural Ecosystem Essay

Reduction Of Deforestation : The Conservation Of The Natural Ecosystem Essay

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Reduction of Deforestation
For the preservation of the natural ecosystem, forests are important both to human beings and animals. For instance, forests are water catchment areas that enable production of food for sustainable living. In addition, they are natural habitats for wildlife and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity. Forests are also responsible for maintaining carbon balance by absorbing excess carbon gases from the atmosphere. Therefore, cutting down of trees can be harmful to the environment and its ability to sustain life. Deforestation can lead to droughts, desertification, and reduced food production. Unfortunately, the world is currently experiencing large scale deforestation because of the increasing need for raw materials for production paper, wood, fuel, furniture, and other products. The worrying trend is that the exploitation of forests is done at a rapid and unsustainable rate. Recycling can reduce the overall demand for wood and reduce the number of trees that are cut down to manufacture paper.
It is important to note that the increasing demand for paper has resulted in rapid conversion of forests into tree plantations. According to Jefferson, the area of natural pine in the U.S. south reduced from approximately 72 million acres in 1953 to about 33 million acres in 2000 (n.p.). On the other hand, pine plantations increased from 2 million acres to 32 million acres over the same period, largely from the destruction of natural forests. The reduction of the area under natural forests has affected wildlife habitats and biodiversity because tree plantations are far less suited for such purposes. Besides, young trees are not as effective as older trees in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. According to...

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...ult in up to 97 percent of energy savings. Less energy use also means reduced greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Furthermore, recycling white paper creates 35 percent less water pollution and 74 percent less air pollution than producing paper from virgin fibers. In California, annual recycling effort saves enough energy to power 1.4 million homes, reduces air pollution by 165,142 tons, reduces water pollution by 27,047 tons, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equal to taking 3.8 million passenger cars off the highway (Lloyd and Marin n.p.). Basically, production of new products from recycled materials is 194 times more effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin manufacturing or landfilling. Therefore, recycling can save the environment by reducing the amount of pollutants released into water, soil, and the atmosphere.

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