A Reflection On Deforestation

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Deforestation Reflection Paper

Deforestation is an issue of forests being destroyed either by slash and burn techniques or cutting the trees down. The damage to the Earth that deforestation causes is a major issue that we are facing today. The causes of deforestation are complicated and a challenge to solve. However, we are constantly coming up with new ways to combat deforestation, with new technology. Trying to stop deforestation, and reverse its effects is a difficult task, but many countries are trying, and there are signs of improvement.
In the article Tropical Deforestation the authors go into detail about the effects of deforestation. We’ve learned since elementary school that about 20% of the earth 's oxygen comes from the amazon. However the clearing of the Amazon affects the world so
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These articles help show both sides of the farmers and scientists who caught in this struggle. It was interesting to read about what is actually being done now. By getting this perspective it helps the issue feel more real, and gives us a great perspective. Learning about the lives that are affected and how this does change their lives it gives it a more humanistic feel, and makes us want to do more to protect the Amazon.
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