Recreation Program And Leadership Rec 702 Essay

Recreation Program And Leadership Rec 702 Essay

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Recreation Program and Leadership Rec 702
1) What area of course content do you believe will be the most useful in your professional career? Why do you believe this? How do you think you think this will be useful?
The entire course content including envisioning, developing and implementing a recreation program, as well as preparing a grant application will be most useful in my professional career. Each component is important and necessary to create an effective recreation program that will enable the participants to have a fulfilled leisure experience and improve their quality of life. This will be useful in my professional career because I gained a good sense the value of leisure education, conducting a needs assessment and implementing programs based on the participants needs as well as evaluating the program for effectiveness. Most organizations depend on grants to fund their programs. The skills learned in creating a grant is extremely useful in increasing my competence as a professional and opening up more job opportunities.
2) On the first night of class we talked about the definition, purpose and rationale of leisure education. Why do think leisure education (LE) is an important component of all recreation programming? How would you go about incorporating LE into a rec program?
Leisure Education is an important component of all recreation program because it increases the participant’s leisure awareness, an understanding of one’s self as well as development of skills such as social and physical. It seeks to help in reducing or eliminating obstacles to achieving a satisfying and meaningful leisure experience. In addition, leisure education helps to develop the participant leisure repertoire skills and interest in lei...

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... music
10. Hide and seek
11. Storytelling
12. Speed dating for singles
13. Do an obstacle game using chairs and tables
14. Use napkins to make various decorations…eg. Flowers etc
15. Do a yoga session
4) What was your "highlight" of this course? Explain your answer.
Professor Ori, thanks for making my last class one of the best classes I’ve had at Lehman. Before taking your class, I heard a lot of things about you and wondered if I should take the class. I am so soo happy I did as I felt comfortable and actually looked forward to the upcoming classes. I really enjoyed how you made the class fun, interesting and easily to understand. I learned a great deal and will definitely use the information in my future career. Thank you for a good semester and I wish you the best in all your endeavors. *the macaroons so very delicious*
PS. I’m so happy I passed the comp!!!

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