Recognizing And Accommodating The Needs Of Students For Academic Success

Recognizing And Accommodating The Needs Of Students For Academic Success

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Recognizing and Accommodating the Needs of Students for Academic Success
There are many challenges in the education of students. The newest technology in the classroom may be exciting but it may be also daunting. The diversified student body challenges the school to understand the culture of each student. The struggles of students may not be so easily addressed and yet a school must prevail. Many students experience life events which hinder academic success and schools have a responsibility to accommodate these students.
The amount of time a high school teacher spends with a student is minimal when considering the hours of a day. When a child leaves the classroom and goes home, the teacher usually is not aware of the life events that occur for that child. The teacher hopes that the child goes home to a loving and supportive family. But that is not always the case. Some children go home to an empty house or apartment. Some children go to work. And some children experience situations that prevent them from being successful in their academic work.
Events that hinder students include poverty, culture, mental illness, and death. When these situations arise and continue, and the student misses school or does not complete assigned work, the students may fail. Even though academics may have been important to the student, a life event can create a stop gate for successfully completing course work.
Consider the issues of poverty as they affect classroom engagement. According to Eric Jensen (2013), children of poverty have poorer health and nutrition than their middle class peers. He states that “A study by two prominent neuroscientists suggested that intelligence is linked to health.” Just as it is important for prenatal care in the d...

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...ime, the student is provided with the education that was missed. The student is not required to retake the whole course, just what was missed.
What does this mean for the regular education classroom teacher? The student that went through the hindering life event is able to move onward. The classroom teacher is cognizant of their role in providing a relevant curriculum and learning atmosphere for the student. The teacher has knowledge of what the student has experienced and is better prepared to continue having the positive relationship necessary for success.
Time is needed for the student. The school and teacher need to instigate a positive working relationship with students. Struggles are evident and occur many times too often. Many students experience life events which hinder academic success and schools have a responsibility to accommodate these students.

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