Effects Of Parental Involvement

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The Effects of Parental Involvement on Students’ Academic Achievement
Parental involvement has emerged as one of the most important topics in education. The stability of the American family has declined recently, which sparks the interest of what degree parents are involved (or uninvolved) in their children’s education (Jeynes 202). Educators and parents view parental involvement quite differently. Educators see it as helping at school and at home. Examples of this include parent’s attendance at PTO/PTA meetings and assisting children with their homework at home. Although this is the expectation, most parents do not agree, many see parent involvement as getting their children to school on time (if that) and solving issues at home that involve
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Students whose parents show an interest in their children’s education are more likely to be supportive and in agreement with educators that a high school diploma is important to hold. Many students in today’s society, especially those of minority families, do not have the encouragement or support of parents or family members to graduate from high school and go on to college. They look at their parents as an example of how to live their lives and further their educator. Studies show that parents who are highly involved in their child’s education motivate them to higher engagement in their academic work, and in turn, the students ' engagement in school lead to higher academic success. Mo encourages parents to understand the importance of their involvement in schooling of their children and stay involved in their children 's everyday lives, despite the increasing independence of their adolescent. Often times, as children grow, parents feel the need to step out of their lives, but they need to realize that their children need the guidance of their parents and other adults, such as educators, to keep them focused. Due to the increase of support, students begin to value their worth and gain an understanding of how important an education is in their lives. Suddenly, adolescents feel empowered to succeed and begin to discover they are well and able to accomplish anything they set their minds to