The Raise of China and India, Questions and Answers Essay example

The Raise of China and India, Questions and Answers Essay example

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Q.Will the rise of Eastern Powers like China and India modify the liberal world order? What impact will this potentially have on the way International Relations have traditionally been studied?
A. There has recently been a lot of talk in the Internal Relations community about the steep rise that the BRICS nations are making in terms of economic might and overall global importance. China and India are among the countries that have made the most improvement. The other pertinent question that has been dogging experts for the past few years is what this upheaval means for the West, i.e. liberal world order as we know it today. It is clear that these rising nations want to assert themselves in the international arena. China and India have emerged as major players in world politics, with different theorists coming up with different analogies regarding the countries’ rise, place and role in the international sphere.
China has made a lot of progress lately, to impose its dominance on the International scene. It is a major developing nation with ties and inroads to post-independence Western Africa, especially in terms of trade and commerce. Unlike the western powers, it did not seek to impose its dominance on those nations. However, it is important to know that China’s rise does not necessarily imply or mean the decline of the United States hegemon. In fact, the very assumption that China and the United States’ rise are indirectly proportional is not always true. The most important argument in this favour is the fact both these countries are each other’s largest trading partner when it comes to total economic value of the trade conducted. Hence, the economic scenario in either country is dependent on the condition in the other. T...

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... place from the East to the West has also been countered by recent advancements in the field of education in both China and India. Furthermore, the recession in the western countries, and the creation of employment in the East has also helped to counter the ‘brain drain’.
The study of international relations has been diversified by the rise of global actors such as India and China. There no longer exists a singular point of power or an all-encompassing force in the arena of world politics. Power is scattered and divided, with multiple points of concentration. The situation is vastly multipolar.

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