The Threat of China

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The Threat of China

With the end of the Cold War emerged two superpowers: The United States and the Soviet Union. The international system then was considered bipolar, a system where power is distributed in which two states have the majority of military, economic, and cultural influence both internationally and regionally. In this case, spheres of influence developed, meaning Western and democratic states fell under the influence of U.S. while most communist states were under the influence of the Soviet Union. Today, the international system is no longer bipolar, since only one superpower can exist, and indisputably that nation is the United States. However China is encroaching on this title with their rapid growth educationally, economically, and militaristically.

In the race to be the best, China is clearly outperforming the United States. China has strong economic fundamentals¬ such as “a high savings rate, huge labor pool, and powerful work ethic” (Rachman, Gideon. "Think Again: American Decline). Their economy has grown an astonishing 9-10% over the past thirty years; almost double of what it used to be decades ago. China is also the “world’s greatest manufacturer and its greatest market” (Rachman). The continuing growth of China's economy is a source of concern for not only the U.S. but surrounding nations as well. One could argue that the U.S. need not worry about China’s growth because of the spread of globalization and that western ideologies would influence China to turn to democracy. Yet China has still managed to “incorporate censorship and one party rule with continuing economic success” (Rachman) and remains a communist country. Hypothetically, even if China does resort to a democratic state, this does not gua...

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...e will dissipate. With each new day, China continues to invent new technologies and expand their global markets. China is only getting stronger, and if the United States wants to remain a contender is this race to be the best, we must stay alert and continue to not only keep up, but outperform the Chinese.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the international system is no longer bipolar, since only one superpower can exist, and indisputably that nation is the united states.
  • Analyzes how china outperforms the united states in the race to be the best. china has strong economic fundamentals, such as a high savings rate, huge labor pool, and powerful work ethic.
  • Opines that china's military adeptness has led to the rising fear of a more assertive china. the united states is funding its military power through deficit spending.
  • Opines that china is rapidly encroaching on the united states, despite the fact that a majority of chinese students come to the u.s. for better education.
  • Opines that if the united states wants to remain a contender in the race to be the best, it must stay alert and outperform the chinese.
  • Opines that pennagon warns china's military is growing rapidly | fox news.
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