The Pros And Cons Of China And China Relations

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U.S and China trade deals The U.S and China relations has intend become very well known in the international scene. There are some many good things about trade and the economy such as competition, security, wealth, fairness, globalization interdependence and domination and strength for all countries that open their border to trade and influence between other countries. It is also a great thing to bash in politics in the U.S. There are benefits to trade to each country as wells as what are the disadvantages of the trade deals and are there certain agreements that are being manipulated and the manufacturing sector in the U.S. economy and the reason why China and the U.S. behave they say it does with each other (Mearsheimer) in the international …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the u.s and china trade deals are the best that shows the liberal and realism point of view of cooperation between two major dominates in the international stage for its own interests.
  • Explains that china entered the wto in 2001 and became the sixth largest economy and largest market trade partner with the u.s.
  • Explains that trade deals with the u.s. have made china a dominating country in the world economy. china's manufacturing exports to the us were 10.8% in 2002.
  • Explains that the u.s. has an estimate of 2.3 trillion goods and services by 2013. china has opened and liberalized its market which gave it another reason to trade and increase its gdp.
  • Explains that the trade deal with china is ironic because china has the biggest u.s debt and that keeps us interest rate low. they are a clear idea of realism thought in international studies.
  • Explains that this kind of deals exploits the global south because it makes it needier and very dependent in the northern globalization and becomes a bi-polar environment.
  • Explains that the u.s. manufacturing sector is hurting and has had a high impact on it.
  • Opines that the world needs a stronger and effective imf for multilateral and international economics treaties.
  • Explains that china and other asian countries have thwarted global payments and adjusting its values and that has led to global rules being made by and not being followed and violating the international monetary system.
  • Explains that china is an economic power and the u.s. behaves negatively towards it because of currency manipulation and devaluation to get an advantage in trade.
  • Explains that the u.s. and china behave differently because china has a large population and increased consumption in the world.
  • Concludes that the u.s. and china trade deals have had a big impact in both countries. the difference is that china needs to keep its debt and low interest rate for us consumers.

In 2001 China entered the WTO it has made major stride in the world economy especially with trade agreements with the biggest capitalist economy and the biggest GDP and most developed country in the world the United States of America which has nearly 2.3 trillion of exported goods and service in 2013 (President, n.d.) When China entered in the WTO it had become the sixth largest economy and the largest market trade and was slightly ahead of Italy and just behind France. “China is third largest trading partner with the U.S and its trade surplus with the U.S. has increased to $201 billion around 2005 and by 2014 the total China-U.S. trade deals was 591 billion”. (Morrison, 2015) It had a global current account of $160 billion around 2005 (Hufbauer, Wong, & Sheth, 2006). As of 2015 “China is the U. S’s second largest trading company and the third largest export company and its biggest source of import”. (Morrison, 2015) Sales from a foreign affiliated U.S. firms in China totaled at 364 billion by 2013. (Morrison, 2015). What is also amazing is that China has the biggest U.S. treasury bonds and that keeps U.S interest rate low. Between 2010 to 2014 General Motor sold more cars in the Chine’s market than in the U.S. market and many U.S. firms participate in Chinese market to stay globally competitive. (Morrison, 2015). This kind of …show more content…

China is an economic power and the U.S. behaves with china because of security reason and China has the biggest U.S debt. If China decides to call it in it will have a huge impact in the U.S. economy and it will destroy its own economy as well. China is the second largest importer and exporter of the U.S. trade deals. The U.S sees china as a security concern because it has become very powerful and its economy is really big which can start investing in its military and increase threat and destabilize region and to U.S. allies such as Japan and South Korea. Furthermore, U.S sees china as a security because it has invested a lot in Africa because of its continental natural resources, and around 2007 the Congolese Government announced that China would bullied and refurbish rail ways, roads and mines in Congo at about $12 billion and china would benefit by mining copper ore and shows that it is dedicated to investing no matter how big the price tag would be in war torn countries. China has also invest in Nigeria by rebuilding its railroad system and is building a new railroad system. In Gabon it has paved almost 80 percent of its roads and Chinese firms are exploring for Oil and natural gas. The U.S and behaves negatively towards China as well because of currency manipulation and devaluing its currency to get and advantage in trade, as well as violations of Human Rights,

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