Essay on Racial Profiling Is An Important Issue That Still Exists Today 's World

Essay on Racial Profiling Is An Important Issue That Still Exists Today 's World

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Discrimination is an important issue that still exists in today 's world. There has always been discrimination amongst the different cultures in the United States. For instance, the segregation and slavery of African-Americans were a long-existing discrimination which caused African-Americans to be hated and treated as animals. This correlates to the movie 12 Angry Men which shows prejudice of a eighteen-year-old Hispanic boy. The boy is being held on trial after he is presumed about murdering his father with a knife. The majority of the jurors vote guilty basing it off their personal views, but there is one who votes him not guilty. This shows that racial profiling is a key factor used in making this decision. Racial profiling should not be allowed in the Judicial System as it causes unfair decisions, the arguments become one-sided and innocent people get punished.
In particular, the authors of The Culture of Toleration in Diverse Societies: Reasonable Toleration argues, the “[t]oleration of disliked or disapproved of people requires refraining from repression and official discouragement of the practices constitutive of these differences” (Castiglione and Mckinnon 56). Tolerating the actions of others is a key step to eradicating discrimination. Most acts of discrimination occur when a person starts to abhor another person due to the things they do or the way they behave. However, in 12 Angry Men the jurors have never met the boy nor know how he behaves. Considering this, the jurors do not have a valid interpretation of the case. They solely base it off the actions of the Hispanic boy, not his purpose. The authors of “The 50th Anniversary of 12 Angry Men: Was He Guilty as Charged? An Alternative Narrative Based on the Circum...

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...nation matter” (Seaton et al 348). According to this quote, the Hispanic boy may have been affected by peer pressure or experienced hatred from the community. There is no particular reason given as to why he killed his father, so these theories can be possible motivations for his anger that led to murdering his father. This anger could have been developed by encountering racial discrimination in school or outside in the public.
Furthermore, the jurymen are not treating the boy as an equal member of the American community. They downgrade him and think of him as a slum boy with a violent attitude. Specifically, the tenth juror asserts from his arguments that the boy is a part of the careless, wild youth and should not be trusted. On the other hand, the sixth juror argrees that the boy may be the killer; however, he debates about whether the eyewitnesses are accurate.

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