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Racial Profiling can happen to anyone, anywhere such as the streets, in the airports, or even just walking home. Racial profiling and the media influence an individual’s perspective on a trial. Racial Profiling is using someone’s race or ethnic background as suspicion for committing a crime. Evidence from past trials dating back to 1920s Sacco and Vanzetti trial to George Zimmerman’s trial in 2013 prove that racial profiling has existed for nearly a century. According to the article “The Quiet Racism in the Zimmerman Trial” by Steven Mazie, he states A study of race and jury trials in Florida published last year in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, found that “conviction rates for black and white defendants are similar when there is at least some representation of blacks in the jury pool.” But all-white juries are a very different story—they convict blacks 16% more often than they convict whites (2). By law a fair trial consists of an unbiased trial, who hears the whole trial out before making a verdict. Many people condone racial profiling out of fear. A fair trial today is not possible due to racial profiling, the way the media presents the trials, and the way the jury is made up. The way the media portrays a trial influences many people’s views of the trial, such as the George Zimmerman trial. Racial profiling is based on the way a person looks or acts. The way some media portrayed George Zimmerman was as an innocent white man who shot Trayvon Martin as an act of self-defense. Other media such as NBC portrayed him as a racist. The way these two media portrayed him influenced many Americans to determine a verdict without hearing the trial. In the article “The Quiet Racism in the Zimmerman Trial” by Steven Mazie, he implies ... ... middle of paper ... ...rman guilty because they would have racially profiled Zimmerman guilty. Also according to Steven Mazie, he implies “But since these racial overtones were banned from the courtroom discourse, the jurors had no opportunity to consider them” (2). The jury couldn’t consider racial profiling in the case due to it being banned by the judge. The way the jury is chosen has a lot of effect on the trial. In conclusion, if racial profiling is not stopped there will be no such thing as a fair trial. The only way to stop racial profiling is take this poison out of our bodies. If the media would portray a trial in a not bias way many people would not racially profile. Fair trials do not exist due to the fact of racial profiling, media bias, and the biasness of the jury. Racial profiling will further more cause innocent people to be jailed or criminals get away with the crime.

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