Racial Inequality And Social Movement Essay

Racial Inequality And Social Movement Essay

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Over the last couple of weeks, all of the readings, lectures, discussions and videos have been very informative. A lot of the information in the readings are what people experience daily or witness with their own eyes. The issues going on with class, gender, and race can be upsetting and hard to grasp because the reality of the matter is we live in a very segregated and divided society. Topics in the lecture that stood out were racial inequality and social movement. When it comes to racial inequality, I witnessed a similar situation while in undergraduate school. A professor at my school displayed hidden racial misconduct towards a black female student in a course.
I would often talk with several classmates, all from different races, about the course and upcoming assignments. While having separate conversations with a black student and two white female classmates in my class, I realized that the professor was discriminating against the students. There were online quizzes due every two weeks. However, the professor allowed the white students to retake and submit the quizzes, because of the poor internet connection, but denied and did not allow the black student to retake the quiz for the same reason. The way this discrimination was confirmed was because of communicating with my classmates. One day while taking with a black female student, she expressed her situation with the internet connection and how she emailed the professor to asked if she could re-launch the quiz, the professor said no she could not do it, therefore the student scores was not submitted and she received a zero on the quiz. On the other hand, one day while talking with a white female student she explained how the same problem occurred with her, however she als...

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...use shows how blacks are unequal in the United States system and, the movement is basically demanding a change.
The current social movement for protesting against the new presidential elected, Donald Trump, is an experience that will go down in history. It is not just a fight for black lives, but Hispanics, Muslims, others. This course has helped me learn about all of the welfare benefits; however the new president is aiming to make changing in a lot of the policies. As a human service worker, this will impact a lot of the clients that I serve. I will have to stay on top of the new laws being passes, changes in welfare policies, and changes in health care benefits. I will have to render support to families who will be greatly impacted by the changes that are likely to take place. As a human service worker I can also encourage clients to be safe during the movement.

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