Sociological Reflection

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Sociology is something I didn’t know about until I took this class. This class introduced sociology to me. I learned about how society basically made boys supposed to like blue and girls supposed to like pink. Sociology is “the systematic or scientific study of human society and social behavior, from large-scale institutions and mass culture to small groups and individual interactions” (Ferris and stein 2014: p9). Sociology is not something you just learn when you are just born. You learn about sociology throughout your life. Sociology is displayed around things such as being around different environments, friends, and family. Education is a sociology idea that can examine a person’s class and schooling. The higher the education you have,…show more content…
Sociology also deals with today’s clothing designs where everyone wears clothes or tries to be like someone else or a celebrity. Things change in the world daily. If everything in the world went the same every day, it would be boring. In this society there are two levels to sociology, which are microsociology and macrosociology. Macrosociology is “the level of analysis that studies large-scale social structures in order to determine how they affect the lives of groups and individuals” (Ferris and Stein 2014:p16). Macrosociology also “pulls back to study large-scale social processes and their effects on individuals and groups” (Ferris and Stein 2014:p16). This means to study a large group of college students who has an apple computer and why they choose an apple computer. Microsociology is “the level of analysis that studies face-to-face and small group interactions in order to understand how they affect the larger patterns and institutions of society” (Ferris and Stein 2014:p16). Microsociology also “zooms in to focus on individuals and their interactions in order to understand larger social structures” (Ferris and Stein 2014:p16). Microsociology means to study a group of students from that class that has an apple computer and how much they use

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