Sociology Reflection Essay

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This is a reflective writing essay, based on what I learned this semester in my sociology 1013.51 Introduction to Sociology. I am going to discuss a few of the concepts and lessons that I have learned in class and from my instructor. What I found specifically interesting is that our culture has a huge influence on how we think, respond and how we react to all situations. Sociology has helped me understand myself better, as well as those around me. It has prompted me to stop and think before reacting or responding to certain individuals within my family and those outside of my family, I have taken the time to ponder why people behave the way they do. Sociology has taught me the ability to understand the meanings of labels, discrimination, and oppression. I have also learned that sociology is really a study of civilization, inequalities and the consequences of people’s behavior. Also that our personal troubles affect …show more content…

Also, how other cultures have had a phenomenal impact on how I view everyday situations and how I draw conclusions, whether it’s about an ethnic group, my own and others or about hot topics in the news. Before this class I did not realize cultural relativism. I really was ethnocentric because I never took the time to evaluate other people’s cultures independently of my own. While I think it is normal for people to judge their peers, coworkers, etc. based on their experiences I also feel it would be beneficial for all of us to take the time to try and understand the sociological point of view of others that are not familiar to us or view things very different from us. The tools I have learned in this class seems to have made me a better listener and emphasizer because I have caught myself listening to people just to hear them and not just to respond. The change in my outlook about being intertwined in society has improved my communication skills at work and at

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