Racial Discrimination And Gender Discrimination Essay

Racial Discrimination And Gender Discrimination Essay

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Each and every person has encountered racial or gender discrimination. When these events happen it can create a violent world, which makes the human race seems like we are at war with ourself. The children in Freedom Writers’ felt this everyday; they lived from one day to the next not knowing how long they would survive in their neighborhood. They encountered racial discrimination everyday from every other races inside and outside of school. This created invisible boundaries against skin color; these boundaries caused fights, gangs, and drive by shootings. Every teacher and school officials gave up on these students; believing that they had no chance in changing and did not want to learn or come to school. At first these students did not feel like they would use their education later in life if they managed to live that long and looked at school as punishment for their crimes. That mentality changed once Mrs. Gruwell became their freshman teacher. She put her time and effort in the classroom making her students feel important and loved. With her help they started to see that everyone, no matter what race, goes through similar events throughout their life. The students started to respect others and become a family within the classroom. Mrs. Gruwell gave these students a future though teaching and by learning about their hard lives. The movie, Freedom Writers’, shows that racial discrimination and violence can be fixed at a small level, but at a large scale it is almost impossible to fix discrimination, because everyone thinks and are raised differently creating a misunderstanding of each other.
In Freedom Writers’ a teacher is hired to teach the incoming freshman. Mrs. Gruwell has no prior experience is warned that these student...

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...g compared to a smaller group where it is easier to talk through problems and understand each other. In the movie Freedom Writers’ a classroom learns to respect each other and learn not to discriminate each other because of race. They start to understand that each and everyone of them has experienced similar violence, which makes them more relatable. That scene is very unlikely to happen in the real world; there is mass amounts a violence that happens each week. All through history there has been violence making it clear that violence can not be solved for long periods of time. Most people will not try to be respectful and put themselves into someone else 's shoes, with that it makes it impossible to erase discrimination. Each and every race has encountered racial discrimination, which can be used to help bring our community closer together leading to less violence.

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