Racism In Jane Elliot's Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes

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Racism can be traced back many years, and despite what many believe, it is still a prominent issue. Racism is when people discriminate others because of the color of their skin. Some people are racist on purpose, but there are times when they do it subconsciously. Everything in this world has a beginning, and racism started with the belief that people of color were inferior to those that weren’t. This belief spread throughout America as it was passed down from generation to generation. Racism seems to be a characteristic of being human. When we are introduced to a new face our mind automatically categorizes people based off of their physical appearance. When people don’t meet certain standards set by others, there becomes a divide between them …show more content…

Being prejudice is when one is judged due to another’s preconceived ideas and a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. In her experiment with her students, it was shown that the kids went from having a nice bond to criticizing each other. Depending on the day that is was the students made fun of the “dumber” kids, simply because the teacher said they were “dumber”. When Elliot experimented with the adults it got a bit more intense. The people with the blue eyes, were furious because Elliot kept claiming that those with Blue eyes were “dumber,” making those with brown eyes to look superior. The purpose of this experiment was to show that prejudice is very common. Many white folks would make prejudice judgments of black folks that weren’t necessarily true. This is racism, creating false ideas about the opposite group. False ideas, can travel quickly which will soon enough convince others that the false ideas are actually true. Also, the actions of one person shouldn’t speak for the whole group. That is the problem with society, one black man robs and now every black man is labeled as a threat. One white guy makes a racist comment and now all white people are labeled as

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