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Questions On E Mail And E Mails Essay

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This election has forced many of us to understand that e-mails are one of the least secured methods of communicating that exist today. The content of our e-mails, how we send them, and store them is something that we all should pay close attention too. According to the 2013-2017 Radicarti Group, Inc. E-mail Statistic Report, about two hundred and six billion e-mails are sent and received per day. That is eight point five billion an hour, or one hundred and forty-one million a minute, or two point five million a second. Id. This number is expected to increase by twenty-three percent by the year 2017. Likewise, as technology advances, so will the ability of hackers. Id. To understand how easy it is for an e-mail to be hacked, we first have to look at what happens to an e-mail when the send button is pushed.
We all have an expectation of privacy in the e-mails that are stored on our computer systems, but that expectation of privacy diminishes when you send those e-mails to other individuals. Emailers generally lose a legitimate expectation of privacy in an e-mail that has already reached its recipient. U.S. v. Ulbright, 2014 WL 5090039 (citing Guest v. Leis, 255 F.3d 325, 333 (6th Cir. 2001)). When you send an e-mail message using an e-mail client like Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, or Google. These e-mail clients connect you to an e-mail server known as a Mail Submission Agent (MSA), on the Internet, then to a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), which delivers the e-mails to another Mail Exchange Server (MX), then to a Mail Delivery Agent (MDA), then finally to the e-mail address you have entered. (Wikipedia,
For example, if you enter as ...

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When you use a wireless network to access your e-mail account, for example, using a Starbucks internet, your wireless password is being broadcasted into a public domain. Another person sitting in the same Starbucks could access your information using Firesheep, to snoop on your browsing sessions and hack into your systems. A Cracker could also use a more advanced tool like Wireshark to capture and analyze the traffic on your system. www. Once a Cracker gains access to the wireless network, they can then gain access to your computer and your e-mails, and any shared folders that are located on your computer system. If you connect to “Public Wi-Fi” in a public place, you cannot be entirely sure that the network is actually a legitimate public Wi-Fi network and not one set up by an attacker in an attempt to trick people into connecting. Id.

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