Barriers for Persons with Disabilities

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Physical barriers can happen in many places from offices to health care organisation, this can affect people who may have a disability and may need to use ramps, may need wide doors or may even need lifts in certain areas for example in schools they would need to have wide doors, ramps and lifts. But this can also be a barrier if the building were built from a long time ago but it can be overcome is in school they rearrange the time table and have the lesson in a different area of the school building where the wheelchair can access.

This would make the service user to feel about not being able to access the building due to no lift this would make them feel vulnerable and may make them feel that they are being discriminated because they are disabled. However, by arranging different rooms for the service user this would make them feel that the service provider respects there needs and understand what there needs may be.

This can also affect people who may be working in an office but this may be because of the location but the layout of the office can affect the communication because this can make it difficult for the workers to communicate because of the difficult layout of the room of the office. There are many physical barriers that can affect the way of communication in an office for example staff storage, poor technology or environmental distractions like noise, bad lighting and temperature.

This would make the employees to feel that they are not safe with the noise, the lighting or even the temperature. The reason because or the temperature they may feel that if it is to cold or to hot this can affect their health. For the bad lighting it may be because there may be something wrong with the wiring so there could be someth...

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...ould happen in environment from schools to hospitals to offices, an example can be an incorrect mode which means if in an office there was an email that was sent to an employee that was tersely worded so this made the reader to believe that he/she was being reprimanded, when it had really meant to mean a simple meant to communicate a bit of information.

This would affect the employee’s effectiveness in his work where this would lead to other barriers like a lack of communication where this would make the employee to feel angry and frustrated because of the email that was sent. The ways the barrier can be overcome is by not sending such emails and speak to the employee face to face or by telephone where tis would make the employee to feel that they are surer what is being said instead of relying on technology to make sense on what the other employees are saying.

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