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As said earlier, both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 seem to overlap with each other in terms of their specifications. The ISO 9001 advocates more of quality standardisation in a company?s process which is reflected in ISO 14001 as well. The ISO 14001 can be used to develop Hart?s Strategies to offer companies environmental sustainability which would enable them to have a competitive advantage. The ISO 14001 standard advocates three principles for the companies: pollution prevention, continuous improvement and voluntary participation (Joaquín Cañón-de-Francia and Concepción Garcés-Ayerbe, 2009). Pollution prevention reduces pollution even before production begins. This is one of the strategies Hart talks about in his study. By eliminating pollution right in the beginning of the process, the huge costs associated with the building of end of pipe pollution can be prevented. Apart from this advantage, pollution prevention could lead to increase in efficiency and productivity. This again relates well with Porter?s strategies for cost advantages. The ISO 14001 is a process based standard and says that companies should achieve eco friendly concepts not by drastic changes but by seeking continuous improvement of process. Thus, the standards can be embedded easily and ?Life cycle Assessment? advocated by Hart can be implemented by use of these Environment managements systems as it is the core principle of the standard ISO 14040. A question may arise asking if companies need necessarily go for certification instead of forming their own management systems without resorting to a certification from ISO. The answer to this question would be that even though a company may have its own quality management, by getting certified, it becomes easier to embed...

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