Qualitative Study On Qualitative Research Essay

Qualitative Study On Qualitative Research Essay

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Qualitative Study Design Chart
From a distinctive case study to an all-encompassing interview, the talent to analyze the nature of a phenomenon utilizing qualitative research designs is established upon in-depth analysis by the researcher (Bryman, 2006). Case studies, observations, interviews, and survey designs are the most frequently exploited approaches (Ukiwe, 2011). The objective of this research is to create a chart listing the various designs one may consider for a qualitative study along with the type of data collection. The goals of the qualitative method are to define a condition and to acquire acumen for a particular practice (Neill, 2007). The format does not contain any preordained response categories (Neill, 2007). The data is comprehensive explanatory data from a diminutive sample (Neill, 2007). The analysis determines patterns from models and perceptions (Neill, 2007). The results incorporate descriptive explanations and personal responses (Neill, 2007). The anticipated usage of research data is for observations related to the argument or the relevant test (Tracy, 2012). Data remains indispensable in terms of implementing any study (Tracy, 2012).
Data collection methods for qualitative research are laborious, hence data are customarily gathered from a reduced sample compared to quantitative approaches - consequently this inflates the expenditure of qualitative research (Tracy, 2012). Qualitative research data collection methods customarily involve a close interaction with individuals on an individual basis and a direct interaction with individuals in a group setting (Ukiwe, 2011). Data collection methods include (a) a sampling which is open ended and less structured; (b) tools which rely on interactive...

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...documentation Lengthy interviews with up to 10 individuals Interviews with 20-30 people to overwhelm categories and specify a theory Predominantly observations and interviews with added artifacts during prolonged time in the field Numerous sources including documents, records, interviews, observations, physical artifacts
Analysis Stories, Historical content Statements, Meanings, Meaning themes, Universal narrative of the incident Open coding, Axial coding, Careful coding, Provisional Matrix Description, Analysis, Interpretation Description, Themes, Assertions
Form Comprehensive representation of an individual’s life Account of the substance of the experience Theory or theoretical model Narrative of the cultural conduct of a group or an individual In-depth investigation of the case(s)

(Bryman, 2006; Jansen, 2010; Neill, 2007; Tracy, 2012; Ukiwe, 2011)

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