Pursuing A Graduate Degree Program Essay

Pursuing A Graduate Degree Program Essay

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Some people in life usually do not have any perceptions of what their professional career is all about before they get into it. Some, once they got in, do not have any desire or ambition of moving further to acquire more education in addition to what they already have. There are others whose life experiences have shaped their beliefs and have been the driving force for their dream career. My life experiences have been the driving force behind my dream about carrier in nursing and why I decided to further my education to pursue a graduate degree program. More so, having been in nursing filed and working side by side with other nurses and doctors and many other interdisciplinary health care team members at Johns Hopkins Hospital for quit sometimes now, right from when I was in nursing school to when I graduated and became a registered nurse, I have learned a lot and have come across many challenges and situations that have motivated me and inspired me to push further in my education. This is because I believe going to graduate school will give me more opportunities to continue doing what I believe is my “calling”- to help to save lives, to serve the underserved, to help the helpless, to educate, to mentor and to make a difference in the life of others.
Right from when I was 10years old, back in my country, Nigeria, I usually visit the motherless babies’ home every often to help the babies in the orphanage. I help out washing their clothing, bathing, dressing them, preparing their meals and feeding them as well. I tried helping out in any possible way as much as I could. While I was neither a nurse nor a doctor then, I see myself as one. In my mind I feel a sense of fulfillment when at the end of my stay I look into the eyes ...

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...g-out. It helps them also to control their own emotion and know the best approach to use when dealing with a difficult client.

DNP AP Applicants: Please type a statement, 2 - 3 double-spaced pages in length, describing why you decided to apply for this graduate degree program at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Include the development of your interest in this program, how you plan to use this education in your future advance practice nursing role, and the life experiences that have contributed to your readiness to pursue this degree. Your essay should demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of the nursing role in relation to the graduate program you have selected.

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