Essay about Psychology : The Practice Of Psychology

Essay about Psychology : The Practice Of Psychology

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Tranard J. Harvin
Dr. Bagasra
Cross Cultural Psychology
December 1, 2015
The Practice of Psychology in Japan
Cross-Cultural research has significantly furthered the understanding of concepts that deal with self and intelligence as it relates to the intertwining of cultures all across the globe. This understanding continues to evolve as these researchers work towards the common goal of psychology as a science. In Japan the development of psychology has posed on the opposite side of the spectrum of psychological development that has been ideal in most western countries. This difference persisted since the mid-nineteenth century and the opening of the country after its long feudal period (Bosc, 2010). The emphasis of psychology in this country is generated towards the idea of the heart. Unlike western countries where the study of psychology is based on the soul, the heart or mind is what Japanese psychologists view as the focus point in their studies. This has always been the way academic psychology treated the mind (Ashitaka & Shimada, 2014).
The emergence of experimental psychology in Japan started in the late 19th and early 20th century. This development begun mainly through exchange with the U.S. Dozens of Japanese students started studying psychology in the U.S without the authorization of the government of Japan. These students then returned to Japan and opened the first laboratories of experimental psychology in the country. One of the most influential figures in this movement was Yujiro Motora who studied from 1864 to 1873 and obtained his doctorate degree at Boston University and the Johns Hopkins University. His laboratory which is located at Tokyo Imperial University has become one of the main research centres in psycho...

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...ce in Japan has gain more creditability but continues to find its place in the country. It has, over the past century, made great strides in becoming a well-respected discipline by those that still find flaws in it application. Japan displays a bigger concern for the dramatic social changes that psychology has caused its nation versus the influence that it could have on the well-being of each individual person. Psychodynamics, for example, didn’t succeed to be truly accepted in Japan and the concepts that Freud introduced in America was also popularly rejected. The American influence in the country definitely has a lot to do with the progress that is being made in the area of psychology. Once the citizens of the country recognize the true power of psychology and have it translated to theories that most closes mirrors their culture they will find it easier to accept th

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