Protecting The Clean Water Act By Filling Wetlands Without Costs Essay

Protecting The Clean Water Act By Filling Wetlands Without Costs Essay

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39) From these photos it appears the City is also violating the Clean Water Act by filling wetlands without offset. 40 C.F.R. Subchapters D, N, and O (Parts 100-140, 401-471, and 501-503) specifically 404 protects wetlands.
Provides certainty in how far safeguards extend to nearby waters. The rule protects waters that are next to rivers and lakes and their tributaries because science shows that they impact downstream waters. The rule sets boundaries on covering nearby waters for the first time that are physical and measurable.
40) The EPA has imposed significant fines on a Wyoming Ranch for violating 404.
41) The closure inspection of the former landfill was not done by an inspector, but by the permitting group. The inspecting group is tasked with the compliance of the permit and the permitting group has no expertise in determining compliance.
42) Wind is an important part locating a landfill, and found in the closure regulations. The cover soil has blown off the former landfill cover, but has been replaced. This is an indication the the windblown sand is an inappropriate location to place a Landfill.
43) The fire that destroyed millions in personal property was driven by the wind.
44) Groundwater is impacted by the former landfill. Even though the Regional Landfill is lined, good scientific studies show that landfill liners fail at a very high rate!
45) Dale Anderson used his position to increase his wife 's income, even if it violated the Law, and had a high probability of damaging Human Health and the Environment.
46) Dale Anderson and used their positions to aggrandize themselves, even when the aggrandizement endangered the environment and human health. The Fire that burnt 12 homes and 7000 acres is the second fir...

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...te employee on January 2, 2005 with the State of Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WYDEQ) as Senior Environmental Analyst, and a permanent State employee on January 2, 2006. The Plaintiff then had a constitutional property right in the employment.
60) Plaintiff was hired to inspect and permit waste facilities but soon after Plaintiff was hired he was given the duty to evaluate every landfill in the State of Wyoming and provide environmental assessments in connection with landfill groundwater monitoring. The experience and expertise the Plaintiff had gained with age was unfairly used to assess environmental impacts of the facilities that had gone unmanaged for years. The results of the four person assessment team determined that approximately 85% of the landfills in the State of Wyoming did not meet the minimum requirements for groundwater monitoring.

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