Effects Of Water Pollution Essay

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Effects of Water Pollution
Water pollution is drastically affecting the life of living beings. Both domestic and industrial reasons are contributing to water pollution. Excessive use of SOAP, soda, bleaching powder detergent or acid at home and use of acid and other salts in the industries are primarily responsible for water pollution. Water pollution has emerged as one of the most serious environmental threats in India. Urban sewage and industrial waste that flowes into the rivers without being refined. Despite all efforts of the Government in cities and towns only 10 per cent of the total waste water being treated and rest of polluted water directly flows into the rivers.
During various fairs and feasts organised regularly on a large scale
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Water pollution increases the plethora of MOSS in water and it also reduces the level of oxygen in it. According to a survey in most of the rivers the amount of oxygen in a litre of water has decreased to 0.1 cubic centimetre only, while the this average in 1940 was around 2.5 cubic centimetre. Different varieties of fish are the most affected creatures due to water pollution. Contaminated water is not suitable for drinking and even for agriculture purposes. Water pollution is also responsible for destroying the beauty of the lakes and rivers. Also contaminated water negatively impacts, or even eliminates the breeding power of the aquatic life. Moreover, aquatic plants get severely affected due to water pollution. It has been observed that Algae starts to erupt faster. Also the animals falls prey to a variety of diseases due to drinking polluted…show more content…
According to the World Health Organization-in the entire world every year due to contaminated water a fifty million persons becomes the victims of death and five million children die. About 360 persons per million die in India and over 50 per cent patients getting admitted in Hospitals are the patients of water born diseases. The situation in underdeveloped countries is even worse where over 80 per cent of the patients are suffering from the diseases born out of polluted water.
As per an estimate almost 2.5 million people in over 34000 villages of India are suffering from cholera. Millions of tribal villagers in Rajasthan are suffering from various diseases due to drinking dirty water from the ponds. Contaminated water contain a variety of diseases causing bacteria that spread several variety of diseases. According to the scientists a large number of diseases in India is due to drinking sewage mixed water. Various diseases like Polio, cholera, patches, jaundice, fever, viral fever etc are spread through polluted