The Pros and Cons of Gene Therapy Essay

The Pros and Cons of Gene Therapy Essay

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What is Gene Therapy and what is it used for?
Gene therapy (otherwise known as somatic gene therapy or therapeutic gene therapy) is a process that is used to correct defective genes responsible for development of various diseases. ( There are two main types of gene therapy; somatic (body) cell gene therapy and germ line gene therapy. As it suggests, somatic gene therapy is correcting the faulty genes of normal body cells. Germ line therapy is altering genes in gametes. Everyone on earth carries a few defective genes. Most of us are unaware of this fact however, unless we are afflicted with a genetic disease. Approximately one in ten people have, or will develop, a disease that is a direct result of faulty genes. (
The possible future uses for gene therapy are seemingly endless, with current research of gene therapy underway on how it can be used in the treatment of cancer, genetically caused blindness, and sickle cell disease. (

What are the concepts and processes involved in Gene Therapy?
The general process by which scientists correct these genes are by that the absent or faulty gene is replaced by a working gene, so the body can make the correct enzyme or protein and therefore eliminate the cause of the disease. (

There are two methods used to insert genetic material into human chromosomes. The first of which, called in vivo technique, a normal gene is inserted into the chromosome to replace the abnormal, disease causing one. A carrier molecule (called a vector) is used to transfer the correct gen...

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...various scientific organizations, such as The Society of Molecular Biology. is also an internationally recognized website, based on the most trusted and popular scientific journal, Nature.

The books I used, namely, ‘Human Germline therapy’, ‘Gene Therapy Protocols’, and ‘Altered Fates’ all contain controversial material regarding the use of this technology, but I believe it was important to include this information as it gives a more diverse view on the issues of Gene Therapy and the techniques that are required.

‘’ and ‘’ both go against the scientific method in their reasoning about Gene Therapy as it is important to give perspective of more than just the scientific community. The religious community plays an important role in society so it is important to include their views on this matter.

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