Propaganda: When a Lie Becomes the Truth Essay

Propaganda: When a Lie Becomes the Truth Essay

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No matter how big the lie is; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as the truth” (John F. Kennedy). Propaganda is biased or misleading information used to promote a particular political cause or point of view. Throughout history, propaganda has been one of the most important tools of any ruling regime. Whether its use is benevolent or malevolent is up to debate, but there is no doubt that it has been used profusely and effectively. Propaganda has an undoubted effect on the thoughts and actions of the population at which it is aimed.
Propaganda is of no use if it does not reach the people, and propagandists have had no trouble ensuring it reaches the public. One popular method of sending out propaganda is through airborne leaflets dropped from various aircrafts. This is evident in North Korea’s bombardment of leaflets being floated over to South Korean border cities and towns (The Journal parg. 4). Airborne propaganda is often overlooked, regardless of its effectiveness. Throughout history, airborne leaflets have been crucial to the spread of propaganda in enemy territories. It has been a crucial means of delivery throughout history and is still being used today as is evident by the North Koreans. Propaganda posters have always been the most notable and iconic form of propaganda and as states, “Each of the nations that participated in World War One used propaganda posters” (parg. 1). Propaganda posters are easy and cheap to produce en masse, and have become an incredibly popular form of propaganda. As the aforementioned quote states, every country involved in World War One employed the use of propaganda posters. They can be placed virtually anywhere, proving to be an extremely effective way to s...

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