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Professional Organisations

Having an understanding of professional organisations can help a manager effectively manage dire situations or reactions from staff. As Shell (2003) explained professionals are a different group of people, they are experts in their own field giving them expert power and therefore must be managed differently. Professionals are highly autonomous therefore they expect a high degree of control and the freedom to exercise their independent professional judgements. They act to serve their own primary interest, and not necessary the organisation’s.

Society has awarded professionals a high level of social status, regard and esteem. This reveals they have different needs when compared to non-professional groups and as per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs this group have a higher level of needs to satisfy. They have a need for power, affiliation and achievement. So need to appreciate and reward them for their efforts.

Professionals are generally well educated people, they have their own visions and values that leads to unique needs and expectations. They are most concerned about their status and ego, want to be recognise for good work done and a relative free environment to perform. Professionals have power and authority from their expertise and knowledge hence they can bend the rules. But research as Shell (2003) pointed out many work environments do not offer this freedom. The professionals end up spend more time and energy dealing with frustration leading to an ineffective organisation.

So it is important to understand we cannot use coercive power over this group. As the group in response can form a coalition and challenge the actions. Professional groups have their own regulatory bodies that sets the rules a...

... middle of paper ...

...Through organisational theories identify what they should be doing and what they are doing to understand the gaps. The theories identifies the values, and vision that guides the organisation and expectation of employees (Scott, 2012). Understanding the behaviour explains the certain characteristics, what motivates people, and an understanding of past-behaviour allows prediction of future behaviour (Hersey, Blanchard, & Johnson, 2001). This makes it easier to monitor work environment for signs of job dissatisfaction, stress and burnout (Gaither, 2012). Organisation behaviour can drive employee behaviour or vice versa.

In summary I have covered the importance of understanding and applying organisational frameworks is so we can understand and react to employee’s actions and behaviours. Also highlighted why professionals in an organisation require special attention.

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