The Problems Of The Education System Essay

The Problems Of The Education System Essay

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Starting around the age of three and continuing until approximately the mid-twenties, an education becomes expected so that students can eventually get a profession. Receiving an education is a great experience, probably one of the most important experiences in a person’s life. However, there are many flaws in the education system. Maybe I’m biased, but in my personal experiences school (especially high school), does not prepare its students for college or the workforce. Education is so focused on standardized testing. Students have stopped caring about their learning, as much as they used to. The fact that home life affects school life needs to be noticed. Diversity should always be addressed.
Throughout the course of our education, the preparation received for the real world remains at the bare minimum. The information that students learn will serve no purpose to their lives after school is over. Mainly being true in high school; high school does not properly prepare students for college or the workforce. Students do not get a glimpse of what college or what the real world could turn out to be, they are sheltered. High school doesn’t teach students how to balance a checkbook, buy a house or a car, and pay taxes or bills. Important life skills that school should teach students to be successful; high school doesn’t teach. Teachers often hear the question, “Why do I need to know this?” The debate as to if a school prepares students for adult life; 22% say yes, 78% say no. According to an anonymous person who says that school doesn’t prepare students for the adult life, we learn basic concepts in school such as how to solve equations. However, it’s difficult to sit through concepts that he or she will never use again. They add, in ...

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...g schools as the years come; it is important that children understand no matter if another student doesn’t look like them on the outside they still deserve the same respect. Children should be taught early on about different ethnic groups and understand that every child deserves to be treated the same.
Evidently, all of these issues are important. However, I chose the order I did because, life after school is going to be what you live for the rest of your life. A person should get prepared for the future throughout their education. Standardized testing shouldn’t make students’ feel like they aren’t smart or determine how their future will turn out. Students’ shouldn’t be able just to pass through school without retaining information. Home life is important to the performance of school life; I feel that gets looked over. Diversity is overlooked, but should never be.

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