The Problem Of Nuclear Energy Essay examples

The Problem Of Nuclear Energy Essay examples

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As the human population increases, and as third world countries begin or continue developing infrastructure and local industry, the demand for energy increases. From this increased demand comes an ever increasing use of energy. While this relationship is perfectly reasonable, it produces a quandary: as energy is increasing used, its source-of-supply decreases and its price increases. As an additional concern, the waste from current methods are extremely hazardous and have already left significant environmental damage in their wake. A substitute for fossil fuels that has been gaining traction over the years is “green energy.” While these clean sources of energy are very attractive in terms of waste produced, their cost for energy is even higher than current methods. This is extremely problematic for the aforementioned developing countries, and low-income earners as it hinders development and hurts personal finances. Nuclear energy provides a clear solution to these problems as it offers both cleaner and cheaper energy than traditional methods (even while it still out-produces them).
Nuclear energy is known for its tremendous power, but present in this power is a danger which has proved to be challenging opponent against its establishment. With such energy being manipulated in the confined space of a nuclear reactor, if anything goes wrong it could be disastrous. There are three moments in history which reflect this: Three Mile Island (1979), Fukushima (2011), and Chernobyl (1986) (listed in order of damage from least-to-most). Many people do not even recognize Three Mile Island as a location of a nuclear malfunction. When the reactor went into meltdown, nearly all of the radioactive material leaked was contained within the silo de...

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...lobal locations, the cost of power likewise increases with time. A future of fossil fuels points to one of pollutant-producing, expensive, and limited power.
Nuclear energy, whose fuel source is abundant, whose produces no pollutants, whose waste is carefully managed and is safely contained, and whose power is cheap, should be given consideration for a source of power that can be depended on to at least better the current situation that a reliance on fossil fuels have created. These rising demands for power could be alleviated without an increase in pollution, while simultaneously reducing cost. It would be providing the world with a cleaner environment, with fewer sources of polluted food and cleaner air. It would better the quality of life globally. Nuclear energy should definitely be given consideration as a source of energy that can be relied upon.

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