Nuclear Energy: The Benefits vs Disadvantages

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Nuclear Energy is a method of creating electricity by heating water from nuclear reactions. The process allows for large quantities of electricity to be created from very little nuclear fuel. Nuclear Energy creates only a fraction of the world’s energy production; this is because many people are fearful of the possibility of a meltdown or any other form of a nuclear disaster. However, even with all the disadvantages and hazards Nuclear Energy creates, it could become the most beneficial form of energy in the future. Pros of Nuclear Energy: If one were to argue against the use of Nuclear Energy, they would likely state the environmental damages it has the surrounding area; this is not entirely the case with Nuclear Energy. Nuclear Energy creates far less Greenhouse Gases than Coal and other energy sources. The ending product from producing Nuclear Energy is steam, which is the visible white cloud often seen from Nuclear Plants. Aside from transporting of Nuclear Fuel to the plant, Nuclear Energy creates almost no Carbon Dioxide or other Greenhouse gases. Nuclear Energy in the lo...
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