Nuclear Power Plants: The Misconceptions Of Nuclear Power Plants

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Many believe that nuclear power plants are a hazard to the people that live around them and the environment in which they are built. However, these assumptions are based mostly on the fact that the nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants of today are built to the same standards that the old nuclear plants from many years ago. Nuclear power today is designed to be much safer than outdated nuclear power plants and have a very minimal chance of causing a nuclear catastrophe. Nuclear power plants are a safe and viable option for generating electricity for the foreseeable future. One of the most common misconceptions about nuclear energy is that a nuclear power plant could explode like a nuclear bomb and cause a massive nuclear incident. This…show more content…
Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster was due to the woefully inadequate design deficiencies of Soviet nuclear plants at the time, the absence of a safety code or practice, and violations of the nuclear plant safety procedures (Safety Nuclear Reactors). The Chernobyl incident wouldn’t have been as bad, but Soviet reactors did not implement containment structures into the reactor designs until after 1980. This left few options to try and contain the leaking radiation. The nuclear plants that are in the US today are much safer than the old plants that were built in the Soviet Union. Safety procedures and containment protocols for radiation are now the norm and many safety measures are now in place. These steps to make nuclear plants safer for everyone are evidenced by the amount of nuclear accidents that have taken place since new safety measures have been put in place. There have only been three nuclear accidents related to power plants since nuclear energy has started being utilized around the globe. Nuclear power plants have been generating electricity for over sixty years and there have only been three incidents related to them. Chernobyl is the only nuclear meltdown to have people die as a result of radiation leaking and radiation

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