Pro Outsourcing Is The Stance On The Ethical Topic Dilemmas Associated With Outsourcing

Pro Outsourcing Is The Stance On The Ethical Topic Dilemmas Associated With Outsourcing

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Pro Outsourcing
Ingrid A. Moore
Shorter University

Pro outsourcing is the stance on the Ethical topic dilemmas associated with offshoring
Are very plentiful. This report will support the numerous aspects of outsourcing. The
Information will depict the ethical side, quality of service portion, work environment,
Security concerns, cultural differences and the monetary aspect of outsourcing of this
topic. Even though the defense will be pro outsourcing, showing both positive and
Negative helps to understand the entire picture that companies have to face. The reports
Will show detailed information on job losses. However, the positive phase will be more
Beneficial to the economy. The types of jobs associated with outsourcing will also be

Pro Outsourcing
Outsourcing, what is outsourcing? Investopedia defines it like this. “A practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally (Investopedia, 2015).” Some question must come to play when a company is considering this practice. One question should be examined for a company signs on the dotted line. Should they outsource? Will this cause an employment loss if they do not take this path. Part of the ethical question that continues to come up is the loss of jobs. Reports show that Companies continue to outsource to stay viable in their market. While working on this project it was discovered that most companies employ the best in their field to handle a certain task. One positive benefit of outsourcing is it will save the company money as well as giving access to numerous resources that may or may not have been available otherwise. The majority...

... middle of paper ...

... to outsource more often than now. It was fascinating to learn that certain jobs are outsourced more than others. This was an interesting case to investigate and understand the true aspect of outsourcing.


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