Prison Based Drug Treatment Programs and There Effects Essay

Prison Based Drug Treatment Programs and There Effects Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to inform about effect the drug treatment programs in prison are and who they affect the most. The programs are meant to for re-offenders with an extensive drug record. Some of the questions the researchers asked was how well do the programs work for the inmates, who does it effect, and does different drugs affect the programs. In 2002 there was 250 prison based drug treatment programs in 40 states. In 2004 the number went up to 290 treatment programs in 44 states. (Farebee et al. 1999) The main focus of the programs are to help inmates so they do not reoffend once released from prison. Drug treatment programs help the different inmates by using different programs.
In prisons they used three main types of programs to help inmates. Some prisons think having community involvement will help the inmates.They call this program Therapeutic Community Programs (TC). This program and drug-free outpatient community based programs are well implemented programs that are associated with better treatment outcomes (Ethridge & Hubbard, 2000; Pendergast, Podus, & Chang, 2000). TC focuses on program activities related to the community as a change agent, some those agents include but do not limit to informal interaction between inmates, staff and inmates, and working in different jobs at the prison. Another program in prisons is Cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT). This program lets staff look to see if the inmate has inappropriate ways of thinking and behaving, a lack of self-understanding, the failure to think about the consequences of he or she's actions, and the need to substitute new cognitions and behaviors ( Melnick et al., 2004). The largest program and most well known is the 12-step program. The 12-step progr...

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...drug treatments in prison, but race of inmates comes into consideration. Male inmates of other races are more likely to do treatment then white males because white males have a bigger persona. Another factor is males of other races are more likely to have a bigger chance of having a mental health disorder. Females of different races have the same outcome has white female inmates.
The summary statement by the inmates just shows how what they thought of the treatments and how well they worked for them. The research is a great set of data but there was some limitations to it. Those are the data was not as recent and some of the data could have changed since then. The researches could have separated the data by what type of drugs the inmates and what program worked for that particular drug. Drug treatment programs help the different inmates by using different programs.

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