Prevention of Child Abuse Through Education and Intervention

Prevention of Child Abuse Through Education and Intervention

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Most questions have answers and sometimes explanations, but there have been many answers to the question of why people abuse children. The trauma of a child being abused can be described in various ways. Child abuse is the mistreatment or maltreatment of a child whether it is mental, physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, or psychological abuse. Child abuse is a traumatic experience.

Child abuse is often synonymous with the term child maltreatment or the term of child abuse and neglect. It has been said that the trauma of being physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse as a child can effect an individual for the rest of his or her life. Such abuse can severely damage a victim's self-esteem. The effects of abuse are often pervasive in the mental, physical, and social nature. Suicide, violence, delinquency, drug and alcohol abuse, and other forms of criminality are also child abuse related.

Those who believe child abuse is extremely prevalent push for more aggressive child protection system that would allow charges to be investigated and prosecuted more efficiently. The increasing involvement has encouraged many people to be concern with awareness and understanding.

One of the major causes of a child being abused is, when he or she is in an unstable family. Unstable families, characterized by frequent changes of partnership, are replacing stable marriages. For a mother, this result is a greater stress and isolation from the child. Frequent family changes also result in frequent role changes for adults in the household, leading to more confusion and more stress for the entire family. In the two part families, mainly the stepfamilies, great deals of conflicts are presented. Of these parents, about 71 percent fought regularly about the children, 81 percent had a conflict over the use of alcohol in the home. Many of the females received very little poise and positive feedback from parents in the home.

The abusing family lives in a manner that separates the bearing and raising of children from traditional marriage. This undermines the well being of children. For every one- hundred children born in the United States, twelve entered broken families, either by being born out of wedlock or through their parents' obtaining a divorce. In such circumstances children are most likely to suffer abuse and neglect, and new subcultures of abuse.

Origins of religiously justified child abuse may seem hard to believe, but it occurs very frequently. Medical neglect dictated by religious beliefs is another route through which children become victims of religious ideology.

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Neglect is the most common factor of child maltreatment and can have severe consequences. Nevertheless, it receives less attention compared to sexual and physical abuse. Harm resulting from the deliberate withholding of medical care for religious reasons may be particularly serious because it is legally permitted in most jurisdictions, thus unlikely to be stopped. Corporal punishment, more commonly known as spanking, often escalates into child abuse. Spanking and other legal forms of corporal punishment of children are some of the major causes of physical abuse. Clinical work with abusive parents has shown that much physical abuse starts as an attempt to correct and control through corporal punishment. When the child does not comply or, in the case of older children, hits back and curses the parent, the resulting frustration and rage leads some parents to increase the severity of the physical attack and kick, punch, or hit with an object. If corporal punishment is not effective, the parent increases the severity of the punishment until the point where a child might be injured.

Depression can cause parents to be abusive to their children, especially when those feelings are exacerbated by life stresses and poverty. Children are far more likely to be deprived of their basic needs than by parents who are depraved. Depression affects a staggering amount of parents in the United States. Young children depend heavily on their mothers, and twelve percent of mothers of young children are depressed according to strict diagnostic criteria, and fifty-two percent report depressive symptoms. The consequences of child abuse go deep into the subconscious. Many people think of child abuse as being physical abuse only, but usually child abuse is mental abuse. Physical injuries can range form bruises, scrapes, burns, and brain damage. In severe child abuse cases the child can suffer permanent disabilities, and even death. The psychological effects of abuse stay with the child forever. The person may have a lowered sense of self worth, an inability to relate to peers, reduced attention span, and learning disorders. In severe cases the child may suffer from psychiatric disorders. These disorders include: depression, excessive anxiety, dissociative identity disorder, and an increase risk of suicide. On top of these problems many of the children have difficulty deciding right from wrong. Neglected children often find family structure with their friends. They will try to find some friends who make them feel secure. They will inevitably join a gang with a family like structure. Children who were abused can develop behavioral problems, including violence and juvenile crime, because of their reduced sense of right and wrong. Children who are mentally abused usually suffer from depression, excessive anxiety, identity disorders, and inclined risk of suicide. Children who were sexually abused face larger problems when they grow up. They will show an unusual interest in sexual organs. Sexually abused children may demonstrate abnormal public behavior such as public display of their genitals. The long-term effects are almost the same as other types of abuse, depression and low self-esteem, except they may have sexual problems like avoidance of sexual contact, confusion about sexuality, or involvement in prostitution. All children who are abused do not turn bad in fact the majority turn out just fine. High intelligence, good scholastic achievement, good temperament, and having close personal relationships can detour abused children from a life of crime.

Family planning is the best way to stop child abuse. Family planning will help the parents to understand the difficulty in raising a child. Kids cost a lot of money, the program could help people make the right decision. Kids require lots of physical energy, late nights, and changing diapers are a few examples. Many people are not in their best physical condition when they have children. They may not be ready for the late nights, and when the kid gets older indelibly they will have to chase him or her around stores, and other public places. Children are mentally difficult to raise as well. They are a major cause for worry and added stress to an already stressful life. Family planning would help families realize how hard having a child is. A parent license would hold parents responsible to endure incompetent parenting. Requiring parent to obtain licenses would protect the child from poor parenting and child abuse. Although, most parents would easily meet the license criteria, licensing would screen out incompetent parents. Which in turn would lead to a fewer unwanted and out of wedlock births.

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