Child Abuse Social Problems

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There are important reasons of why child abuse should be addressed as a social problem. The factors are strongly related to the social problems, so we should socially address to child abuse. The child abuse includes physical, sexual, and psychological abuse and neglect. Since child abuse and neglect are sometimes difficult to find from outside, so it is also difficult for third people to investigate and help appropriately. Here, I will propose education system as an ideal law to remove child abuse.
In USA, there are more than three million report of child abuse every year. It is the highest number than other countries. As the result of child abuse, children are more likely to drink and smoke at young age, face depression or at least one psychological
In 2012, an estimated 1640 children died because of child abuse or neglect. However, it tends to be underreport, it is considered that there are almost double number of children who died. In almost all county, African American children has the highest rate of child abuses (Substantiated Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect, by Race/Ethnicity, 2014).
Major Factors of Child Abuse
There are both individual level and social level factors. For example, as individual levels, parents were abused. However most of the major causes are related to social and economic factors. According to Department of Health and Human Service (DHHS) (n.d.), the causes of child abuse are 1) poverty, 2) less education, 3) Unemployment, 4) changes of address, 5) marital problems, 6) lack of support, and 7) isolation. These factors are not only individual problems, but also social problems. Also, factors are considered to be interrelated to each other. For instance, Parents in poverty are at higher risk to abuse their children because they are more likely to struggle with economic problems because of unemployment. They are less likely to have
The states can establish agencies and organizations to prevent child abuse. This act provides supports and helps, so it can help and support parents and abused children. However, it does not address fundamental problems. Thus, this law can help but cannot remove child abuse. The ways to remove the issue is to address fundamental factors such as poverty, less education, and skills and knowledge of parenting. Also, people who notice child abuse must report. We can easily notice if physical abuses such as violence happen outside. Thus, the physical, sexual, and emotional abuses have been reported more, so we can say that system works well. However, neglects are difficult to find from outside because the home is really closure. For instance, we cannot see that parents do not give any meals. Thus, even though how much people and agencies outside try to address and investigate, it does not direct way to address and prevent the issues. As mentioned above, poverty, isolation and other factors are causes of child abuse, we should address the main causes to truly prevent and remove child abuse. The most adequate countermeasure is to make society with parents with money, time and emotional to spare. In other words, it is important that we make the society which is parents are able to have enough money, time, and healthy

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