Essay on President Jefferson 's Goals And Criticism From The Extremes

Essay on President Jefferson 's Goals And Criticism From The Extremes

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President Jefferson’s Goals and Criticism from the Extremes

Trying to unite the people as the first Democratic Republican president, after a fierce political battle, Jefferson reminded the people in his First Inaugural Address that the struggles faced with the previous election cycle was not like the French Revolution. The Federalist and the Republicans had differences of opinions, but not differences of principle. Neither wished to dissolve the union or to change the government 's republican form. He stated that “[w]e are all Republicans, we are all Federalists.” In a letter written to P.S. Dupont de Nemours less than a year after his Inaugural Address, Jefferson reiterated his belief, “If the federal party and the republican party, should each of them choose a convention to frame a constitution of government or a code of laws, there would be no radical differences in the results of the two conventions” (Banning. pg. 270). Though united with a republican form of government, the election of 1800 was like a revolution in that one philosophy of government, the Federalists view, was almost completely replaced by the Republican philosophy.
In his First Inaugural Address delivered in March of 1801, Jefferson laid out his vision and philosophy for his new administration. He envisioned a wise and frugal general government that would protect the people from each other, but free them from government control and economic interference. The people would be entitled to equal protection under the law and be able to enjoy peace with all nations with no entangling alliances. The rights of state governments would be protected as well as the vigor of the general government.
Military protection would be offered by a well disciplined loca...

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...the people erroneous believed that they were sovereign, and if the majority, they didn’t have to obey the laws. Under majority law, or mob rule, what is popular is law, but it isn’t always what is right. Under Jefferson, the people believed that any attempt of the government at making or enforcing law was taking away their rights.
President Jefferson was an ideologue who believed that the nation could have peace, liberty and safety if the general government was smaller, allowing the people and their state governments more liberties, if we cut all foreign ties, except commerce, and we put more trust in the public. He was criticized for not being democratic enough on one side, and on the other for allowing the people to do whatever they wanted. Though his election marked the end of the Federalist party, it did not end disagreement about the proper balance of power.

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