The Power And Influence Of Teacher Essay

The Power And Influence Of Teacher Essay

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I truly believe many underestimate the power and influence a teacher has in their classroom. As the saying goes for mothers, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world; I believe this also to be true with an educational teacher. As soon as we enter into the world, the learning process begins. We might not start with physics and psychological reasoning, but we take "baby steps" towards that path. Once a child is under the care of a teacher, the teacher must realize the influence they have in their student 's life. In a way, a teacher has the power to "make" or "break" their student. I for one will always make a conscience effort in remembering the influence I may have on my future students. However, in order to become a powerful and influential teacher, I must search for a point to begin my journey, such as, finding a job.
Though I am far from ready from searching for the proper job, it is best to be prepared for what might happen. Perhaps instead of only looking at my accomplishments on paper, the administrators at the anticipated place of employment might wish to know my personal viewpoints. I can imagine two particular questions the administrators may ask; "What are the three most challenging experiences you expect to face as a beginning teacher?" and "What are the three most rewarding experience you expect to face?" I have pondered over these questions and have come to terms what I believe would be my answer.
"What are the three most challenging experiences you expect to face?"
1. Maintaining a personal relationship with each child in my class, no matter how large it may be.
To keep a wonderful relationship with each of my students and respect their individualism, I want them to apprecia...

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...o develop the desire to make the world better. At some point in any genius ' life, whether it is Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Mari Curie, or Thomas Edison, something caused them to want to make themselves better and to make a difference in this dark world. "When we teach we see children grow and develop on a daily basis and know that our efforts are contributing to make the world a better place"(Kauchak & Eggen, 2014).
In conclusion, I would like to end with this thought; no job or task should be considered insignificant. Until I gained an understanding of the significances of an early childhood education teacher, I did not realize the impactful a teacher has on an individual. I thank the Lord that He gave me the opportunity to become one and I pray that someday I will have the chance to apply what I have learned and gained through experience to practice.

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