The Potential Benefits Of Meditation Essay

The Potential Benefits Of Meditation Essay

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The Potential Benefits of Practicing Meditation to Alleviate Depression
Meditation is a way of training your mind to practice mindfulness, in which a person can become separated from their thoughts and identify more closely with being one with the world. The first recorded practice has existed ever since 1500 BCE but is thought to have existed longer than that. Depression has probably existed as long as humanity has however; it was first documented and or recognized in 2000 BCE. The goal of this paper is to document studies of the benefits of meditation towards treating depression. It is important to understand depression and this possible treatment as medicating an individual has been known to show adverse side effects far more than therapy which meditation could be viewed as. Ultimately by the end of this paper it will be understood how meditation can effectively bring people suffering from depression into a greater state of mind alleviating their psychological pain.
In order to properly understand the research it is first important to outline what exactly depression is in medical terms. The DSM V’s criteria for diagnosing depression is defined by having a loss of interest in activities for longer than two weeks that had previously brought joy to the individual. This leads to an impairment in many areas including social aspects (friends, family, lovers), Occupational (work performance), and academic (how well one does in a school setting.) The typical symptoms vary but can include general irritability as well as a depressive mood. The individual may also suffer from loss of weight, sleep, motivation, appetite, sexual drive, self-esteem, concentration, and energy. It is also not uncommon for an individual to have feelings of ...

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...eptability and Effectiveness of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Patients with Active Depression. In the study they also found that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy was beneficial to most and not detrimental for all. They did have a few distinctions in their study such as an emphasis on group therapy as many of the participants reported this as beneficial and essential to their treatment. They also reported that the program was not long enough and they needed more group based therapy to continue their treatment or at the very least a follow up. After the treatment had ended, over fifty percent of the individuals involved with the study continued to practice mindfulness-based meditation. After looking at the raw data it was determined that eight out of eleven participants reported or were observed to have had an improvement in dealing with their depression.

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