Breathing Essays

  • Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn

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    Summary: Breathing Underwater is about an teenage boy at the age of 16 who is in love with his girlfriend, but does not really know how to treat her right. He claimed to have loved his girlfriend a lot and often did not listen to what he has to say about things and disagrees with her which causes him to get angry. One day he had gotten very angry and had slapped her, not knowing what had got into him he apologized for his behaviour and said never to do it again. But the day of the talent show he

  • Beautiful Disasters: Pearl As A Living Breathing Scarlet Letter

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    child with a wild spirit born under unimaginably sinful conditions, all of which are somehow related to the ideas, actions, and views of others on Hester’s punishment. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Pearl serves as Hester’s living, breathing Scarlet letter. Pearl evokes the same emotion and reactions from the townspeople, as does the scarlet letter. The people look at the slight sense of pride Hester has in her letter in the same way they look at the way Hester lets Pearl do whatever

  • Comparing Family in Breathing Lessons, Homesick Restaurant, and Accidental Tourist

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    Family Instability in Breathing Lessons, Homesick Restaurant, and Accidental Tourist The perfect, suburban family has become a prominant theme and stereotype in American culture.  Families from the works of Anne Tyler represent the exact opposite of this cultural stereotype.  None of Tyler's novels contain families with faithful, domestic wives, breadwinning husbands, and 2.3 well-behaved, perfect children.  Tyler kills this misconcieved stereotype in Breathing Lessons, Dinner at the Homesick

  • The Perfect Swimmer: Ian Thorpe

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    an efficient kick. It is important that a longitudinal roll can be achieved so that the hand can sink to “catch” the water and the head may be turned to breathe. The roll should be equal on both sides, this can be achieved by bilateral breathing (breathing to both sides). This makes the roll equal and is also useful for spotting other swimmers position in a race. Excessive rolling can lead to problems with the stroke such as “snaking” down the pool instead of going in a straight line. It

  • Nursing Case Study: Nursing Care Plan For Pc Kohler

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    NURSING CARE PLAN Patient’s Initials: CH Student’s Name: PFC Kohler Medical Diagnosis: Spine-HALO Application Date:10/12/2016 1. PROBLEM 2. GOAL/ OUTCOME 3. INTERVENTIONS 4. RATIONALE 5. EVALUATION Dx: Activity intolerance R/T: inefficient work of breathing AEB: Shortness of breath during and after ADL’s SUB Mother reports “She cannot walk very far before needing her wheel chair”. OBJ SOB during ambulation Sa02 – 94% Respiratory Rate - 35 ST 1:. Patient will display adequate gas exchange

  • An Essay On Giraffe

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    Giraffes When you journey through this report, you will learn about the similarities and differences between humans and giraffes. Be prepared to travel through the world of a giraffe. You will experience how cool it feels to be taller than some trees. Explore their extreme features, diet, and habitat. They sometimes exhibit human-like behaviors in regard to their environment. Let’s investigate their world from birth to death. Do you know how giraffes respond to their environment? One of the

  • Overcoming Physical Challenges

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    helped me and gave me the strength and courage I needed. I thought this would be an end to my medical problems, but then one summer I stopped breathing for no understandable reason. My mom revived me and then I was taken to the doctors to find out I had acquired costochronditis, which is the inflammation of the muscles near your sternum. My breathing troubles continued and they also decided to try some medications on me, but none worked, so we let things go. Then just when I thought my life

  • Autogenic Training Essay

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    technique that is used to re-establish the balance between the activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system , which controls many of the bodies involuntary functions (i.e. contractions of the heart muscles, breathing, digestive process) . Anyone looking to use Autogenic Training can teach it to themselves by using resources found in books or on the internet. It is also used by health care providers (psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.) to treat mental health problems

  • Types of Silica

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    silica, the lung tissue reacts by developing fibrotic nodules and scarring around the trapped silica particles [Silicosis and Silicate Disease Committee 1988]. This fibrotic condition of the lung is called silicosis. If the nodules grow too large, breathing becomes difficult and death may result. Silicosis victims are also at high risk of developing active tuberculosis [Myers et al. 1973; Sherson and Lander 1990; Bailey et al. 1974]. A worker's lungs may react more severely to silica sand that has been

  • Physiological Effects of Ventolin

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    be taken as tablets or syrup. It treats the symptoms of bronchospasms. Bronchospasm is an abnormal contraction of the smooth muscle of the bronchi, narrowing and obstructing the respiratory airway, resulting in coughs, wheezing or difficulty in breathing. The chief cause of this condition is asthma, although it may also be caused by respiratory infection, chronic lung disease or an allergic reaction to chemicals. The mucosa lining of the trachea may become irritated and inflamed, which secretes mucus

  • The Importance Of Pranayama Yoga

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    something that was very interesting and natural for them in yoga, but I figured that writing about something that was a struggle for me would help me to be able to improve in this specific area. During yoga exercises, controlling and listening to your breathing is one of the most important areas you want to focus on. Inhaling and exhaling deep breaths throughout the exercise keeps your mind focused and your balance more precise. The reason this was such a struggle for me is because it is hard for me to

  • Battle Damage Accomplishment Essay

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    personnel out in the field collecting information like HUMINT. Although there are two types of imagery collection platforms, breathing and non-breathing, the intelligence community is slowly moving to utilizing more and more non-breathing platforms. The breathing platforms will always be used, but with the increasing UAV (Un-Manned Aerial Vehicle) use, even air-breathing platforms will someday be totally without risk for intelligence gathering. IMINT is also capable of locating permanently stationed

  • Trauma Patients

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    tore. The skin is blue and red, very swollen and bruised. Rick is screaming for help. As best as possible the emt bandages the wound and loads him up for transport. On the way to the hospital Rick stops breathing. Turning blue and white at the mouth the emt tries CPR. After regaining his breathing they continue to the hospital. A week later Rick recovers fully. The next type of patients are medical patients. An example of this would be a case like, one afternoon, an elderly man whose stomach hurts

  • Emer’s Ghost

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    side, and then the wall collapsed. Emer was choking and thought she was going to die, but she was able to crawl out of the hole. She then realized that Breige was still in there, so she went and dug Breige out, but Breige wasn’t breathing! Finally Breige started breathing and Emer found the chalice. All of the town was happy and the ghost never bothered Emer again.

  • asthma

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    lungs become either narrowed or blocked. The results are usually temporary but they cause shortness of breath, breathing trouble, wheezing, coughing, and tightness in the chest. To know what it really feels like to have asthma, I would like everyone to pick up the straw that’s on their desk and put it in their mouth as if they were using it to drink something. Then, pinch your nose. Try breathing for twenty seconds. A real attack can last up to more than 10 minutes and you are only doing it for 20 seconds

  • Is The Mind And Body Unified O

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    understand our body, which is one of the most complex things in the universe. Our body is one of the most fascinating works of art known to man. It works continuously and smoothly in coordination with all its parts. Afterall, if our lungs stopped breathing in oxygen then our organs especially the heart would quickly die of asphyxiation due to loss of oxygenated blood. Everything in our body has to work together in union in order for to function properly. Our body is what allows us to do everything

  • The Beauty of Color

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    thoughts were vocalized. He pulled back and stared at me as if I were some whacko, needless to say the look was returned. A quick awkward expression and a not so melodious cry ended the moment. Now, the only sounds we heard other than the heavy breathing of us both was the zooming of passing vehicles. As I licked over my dry lips I recognized the taste of sweat in my mouth, kissing his neck I guessed. As he got up and scooted to ‘his side’ of the van I scratched my head noting that my hair felt like

  • Insight Meditation

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    contemplation of the mind-state and contemplation of mind-objects. To achieve mindfulness one must try to be aware of these foundations as they exist in their bodies. For example to be mindful of the body, it is necessary to be aware of breathing in, breathing out, posture, bodily movements inwardly and outwardly etc. One must be conscious of mind-objects such as desire, and understand hoe feelings like that come about and how they are eliminated. To understand mindfulness as simply as possible

  • Effective Foreshadowing in Flannery O’Connor’s Greenleaf

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    bedroom window was low and faced on the east and the bull, silvered in the moonlight, stood under it, his head raised as if he listened- like some patient god come down to woo her- for a stir inside her room. The window was dark and the sound of her breathing too light to be carried outside. Clouds crossing the room blackened him and in the dark he began to tear at the hedge. Presently they passed and he appeared again in the same spot, chewing steadily, with a hedge-wreath that he had ripped loose for

  • mechanical ventilation

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    Mode: Flinders Medical Centre’s preset mode for mechanical ventilation is Synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV). SIMV achieves a mandatory minute ventilation by, Mandatory controlled breathing Assisted breaths which are synchronised with a patient trigger Spontaneously triggered and patient controlled breaths often with assistance (Tol & Palmer 2010). Mandatory breaths deliver a preset volume over a set time, Synchronised breaths still give mandatory breaths which are preset