Positioning Statement Of Coca Cola Essay

Positioning Statement Of Coca Cola Essay

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Positioning Statement
"Over a century of sweet tasting beverages with family and friends." The positioning statement of Coca-Cola needs to project the image in the minds of their existing consumers, as well as potential new consumers, the history of Coca-Cola being a competing global brand in the beverage industry and the association of the brand with fun themes such as social events, parties, family activities, etc. According to Kotler and Keller (2016), positioning "is the act of designing a company 's offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target market." There are factors that must be taken into account to produce an effective positioning statement that will attract the attention of the targeted market segment: the cultural dimensions and intricacies of the targeted market, such as language; and the perception of the attributes of the product as well as the subjective attributes, or the consumer 's perception of the brand itself. These factors will give credence and explanations why such a generalized sounding statement, as the one provided above, will be a feasible choice for Coca-Cola to position their brand in the minds of the targeted audience.

Cultural Dimensions and Associations
Association is the key to place the image of a brand in the minds of a targeted market segment. Associations help piece different wants, needs and solutions together; they create pathways to solutions to problems the consumer might confront. For example, if a consumer has an issue with their vehicle, they can associate automobile repair services with the solution to fixing their mode of transportation. It 's one of the most fundamental pillars of marketing. Association also plays a very critical role in the creati...

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...ry of sweet tasting beverages with family and friends", can be a great ideal candidate for brand positioning. Although the statement is vague, it 's simple, it places the brand in the present, and provides the idea that the brand could grow into something more attractive in the future. The generalization of the statement also covers the many different factors of culture, that highly influences customer perception of the quality of goods, by not being over specific which may lead to misinterpretation by different global consumers. The statement also shows levels of socialization and status, another influential factor in attracting global consumers to a brand, through the "...with family and friends" section. Finally, the statement offers a visual of the positive quality of the product in the minds of the customer segment, thereby attracting the consumer to the brand.

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