Politics And Rhetoric At The University Of Oregon Essay

Politics And Rhetoric At The University Of Oregon Essay

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When I was a junior at the University of Oregon, I took a Political Rhetoric course from Professor David Frank. The course taught students how to be effective public speakers by having them participate in the daily drill of individually presenting their thoughts on current political topics in front of the class.

The first day of class Professor Frank asserted that people in the United States fear public speaking more than the Islamic State, President Obama, or death. This was said jokingly, but over the course of the next ten weeks, I had never been in a classroom with so many nervous people, myself included. But by spending an ample amount of time speaking in front of others, I learned new memorization skills, refined my speech and gestures, and gained insight into how others conduct themselves when in front of an audience.

It was during Professor Frank’s class that I developed adoration for politics and rhetoric. And I think that the reason I am drawn to these two subjects is because they both continually evolve. With politics, it is pertinent to be aware of current events and with public speaking, the more you speak in front of people, the more comfortable you become doing it, as you learn new ways to command your language through effective rhythms.

Several of the MALS course descriptions listed on Dartmouth’s website are relevant to my interests and I am particularly intrigued by the Globalization Studies concentration. Engaging in political discussions both in and outside of the classroom is where I find myself to be the most intellectually stimulated. And nowadays, we constantly have access to a plethora of new information and staying consistently and accurately informed via college coursework and various news sites,...

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...ate for truth and bring about positive change within my community, through a career in teaching and politics. Engaging in honest conversations in regards to global issues such as race, religion, and public policy, challenge people to step out of their comfort zone and think ethically and logically. And when these topics are studied in an unbiased fashion, they promote sincere cognitive growth.

By attending Dartmouth and enrolling in the MALS program, I believe I will be participating in a program that embodies progressive ideas; as I continue to gain skills that will strengthen my teaching abilities, as well as a better equip me to pursue a degree in law in the future. Currently, I am confident in my abilities as a student, however, I wish to take the next step forward in my life at Dartmouth, in hopes of broadening my viewpoints and enhancing my analytical talents.

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