Political Realm: A Comparsion of Aristotle and Pluto Essay

Political Realm: A Comparsion of Aristotle and Pluto Essay

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Aristotle and Plato are known as the great political philosopher of their respective time.. The two illustrate some difference in thinking, but also share some similarity in their political ideas such as: supreme rules, political order, and virtue. Plato illustrating an idealist view while Aristotle brings more of a practical view to political philosophy. This paper would focus on the differences these political genius bring to the political realm.
In Plato ideal world he looks to build upon a perfect political society. He seeks to build or better yet inform one of the political structure, the rights and responsibility of the citizens in a political society. The political structure of Plato’s political society come with three socio-political grouping. Plato illustrate the role of each group by placing individuals into a class structure. The first class of citizens is the guardian mostly known as the elite or the ruling class. These individual will be responsible for the most fundamental power as the congress of today society.
Aristotle says, “States are citizens who make up the state” (pg.100). The citizens are the one that should administer justice. The community is the state according to Aristotle who quotes; “the virtue of the citizen must therefore be relative to the constitution of which he is a member” (pg 2). Virtuous actions for the state and the middle class will rule in the most virtuous way. The virtue of soul is the person who master their reason. The highest virtue is exercising your reason to the service of the state. The quality of the citizen of that state is going to be the best form of that state. Democracy is the best way for the rule of law. He also feels, “Law is reason unaffected by desire” (pg 72). Family ...

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...s he treat women as property? Aristotle believes that to have a good quality of a citizen a woman need to be of a certain age and in today society we find that untrue. Children born to females at a young age can grow up to be productive citizens in society. We find this fact to be true with people from different nationalities that have become successful like Dwayne Wade. His mother was 16 when she had him and he turned out to be a productive citizen in society. Justice is synonymous with order. Without justice there will be no order. In a democracy you need a constitution to protect individual inalienable rights. Without the courts you would not receive justice. Yet, Aristotle believes customary laws should be man then magistrate and legislative then codified laws. Man should have the say so in laws. Customary are those which are supreme as what one knows is good.

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