Censorship Of The Republic By Plato

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Censorship in the Republic Plato’s version of the involves a selective process where the government selects what job the people will have when they are children and groom them to only be able to do that said job. Keeping information away from certain people is Plato’s idea of keeping a just city-state. His belief could cause more harm than good because it creates large divides in the society, create unknowledgeable people to have all the power, and lead to problems with everyone within the government. Plato’s idea for a perfect government is to have three different classes to have different roles to help the society. The first group of people is the Producing class and they are responsible for providing materials and food for the city. This is where the farmers, blacksmiths, the fishermen, and other jobs like them. The second group is the Auxiliaries and they are the ones who job is to protect the city from threats, so the soldiers. The final group is the guardians, these are the philosophers and it is there job to not only be knowledgeable but to be just. Plato believes that there are several things that can derail the advancement of society. “Then nothing insane and nothing akin to dissoluteness can be involved in the right of love…Then sexual pleasure must not be involved” (121). Plato believed that sex should only be reserved for special festivals and for creating life, other than that people should keep in line with how a father and son touch each other. Plato did not just regulate what two people did in the privacy in the own home, but he also regulated what people should be learning in school. “At any rate, it ought to end where it has ended; for surely training in the musical crafts ought to end in a passion for beauty” ... ... middle of paper ... ...k about what would happen if 1000 years goes by and the tyrannies continues. Then he goes into what would happen if other people come into power. So if the people who owned the property would lead to corrupt guardians who wanted the most land and would get the auxiliaries to get the land from the producers. Then it would be an oligarchy- ruled by the rich, then the military would turn and the city-state would be split between the rich and militarily strong and the poor and militarily weak. This would last until democracy would be put in place and be the end of the republic. In my opinion I don’t think that that would be the worst thing because Plato’s republic seems very controlled and cultureless. Maybe they don’t install a full democracy, but a system where people have a say in some issues and they elect or even assign officials to be in charge for a year or two.

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